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Being a Talent Buyer + Artist


Shannon Fortner, a visionary musician, performance artist, and talent buyer, is the co-founder of Swamp Yell, Founder of Harvey Milk Festival, now Fabulous Arts Foundation. Ready to launch any platform to hold space for artists and story telling.


Renowned for crafting immersive soundscapes and unforgettable installations, Shannon is passionate about pushing artistic boundaries. As a queer, non-binary individual, they explore innovative ways of communication through art, aiming to connect and inspire audiences on a profound level. With a vocal style reminiscent of a jazzy Björk, Shannon brings a truly unique and inclusive perspective to the artistic landscape. Eager to collaborate with fellow boundary-pushers, Shannon seeks to create transformative experiences through their art.

They focus on lifting up other artist and create platforms that support this. Pop up productions are great when there is a lack of venues.

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